September 29, 2009

Body Heat (1981)


Just watched it a few minutes ago. Very 'normal' early 80s thriller type movie with Kathleen Turner and William Hurt. I don't really know the history of this genre, so I don't know how ground-breaking it really was. But it didn't seem all that fantastic.

Basic review: Lot's of good sex scenes. I mean dear Christ there were a lot of good sex scenes. But that's all it really had to offer. The plot surprised me every once in a while but at the very base was simply predictable. New plot points would come out of the blue and then everything that stacked on top of it was predictable. Performances were good, and everything was believable...

It honestly felt like a waste of time with some good sex intermixed.

I'd say more, but there's not much to say about this film.

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